The Blockchain Trilemma and Ethereum Layer 2 Scalability

Solutions for Base Protocols; What is Ethereum 2.0?

Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains

  • Validum Chains: A layer 2 solution almost identical to ZK Rollups, except data availability is kept off-chain to prevent funds from being stolen.
  • Stand-Alone Chains: Sovereign Ethereum sidechains, secured by their validators, that can be connected to the main blockchain via bridges.
  • Shared Security Chains: Blockchains are based on security as a service, meaning that their validation service is provided by a shared pool of PoS validators, managed on the Ethereum main chain.
  1. Polygon natively supports the Ethereum network and ecosystem, allowing us to benefit from most of the products available on the main network.
  2. Polygon is climate sustainable, being 99.99% more carbon-efficient than Ethereum due to its PoS consensus mechanism.
  3. Polygon transactions are faster and cheaper than main-chain transactions.
  4. Polygon maintains the security of main-chain Ethereum yet allows interoperability between other blockchains.



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